For Owners –
Villa Management Services

Our villa management services are focused on taking the stress off the owners, while maximising
their income. We have been thriving for the past 5 years on the villa management business, fully
handling and managing luxurious properties and we have an exclusive portfolio of high end villas,
the owners of which trust us yearly to deliver great results, while taking care of their home.

What we offer:


We document all the information relevant to your rental property for you, which includes recordkeeping, maintaining leasing agreements, postage, handing over the key to tenants, and
preparing annual statements and detailed reports.


Owners meet with our consultants and market analysts, who provide them with all the relevant
information required in order to maximise their rental yield. We determine for you the correct
positioning for your property on the market by carrying out efficient market research, as well as
competitive analysis.

We also follow the weekly trends of demand in the market, in order to carry out a dynamic pricing
approach. We monitor the market conditions and offer you timely advice on raising and lowering
rental rates, which will prevent you from charging inflated rates that reduce the appeal of your
property among potential tenants.

Marketing and Branding:

From the beginning we create a concrete plan in order to advertise your villa to the market and
attract potential clients. To do so, we plan photo and video shoots in order to create content for
your property. Once this is complete, we launch campaigns by using sophisticated marketing
tools on several platforms online and through our local contacts. Furthermore, we handle all the
social media pages and website, to create the perfect image of your villa.


Our dedicated team handles the check in and check outs of all your clients and constantly
inspects your property on a regular basis to keep you up-to-date with inspection reports. These
can help you identify any upcoming short-term repairs and long-term capital expenses that need
to be addressed. Before every check in, we have ensured that payments are completed by either
the tenant or the agency and we are responsible to collect if the tenant/agency is late on
payments to ensure your rental income isn’t unnecessarily delayed.

Reservations Management & Booking Calendar Handling:

Through our platforms and external partners of ours that have earned our trust, we manage all
your reservations. Our responsibility is to recognise the best deals for you and achieve back to
back bookings, in order to maximise efficiency. Once demand is up, requests come in on an
everyday basis, hence our experts stay on top of all inquiries and make careful selections of
requests in an efficient manner, in order to avoid any double bookings or relevant problems and
maximise the dates of your bookings.
Another important operation carried out by us is screening of your potential guests. As specialists
in the industry, we have the resources to find you high-quality individuals as well as agencies with
high-end clientele who both respect your property

Concierge and Guest Relation Services

The Presidence team operates with an absolute drive to elevate the guest’s experience and create
cherished lasting memories. At Presidence, we determine and provide all the extra services
offered by a property always to the highest standards (chef on request, trained cleaning staff,
personal driver on request, spa services, personal concierge and front office services). Our
professionals are at the guest’s disposal at all times, to smoothly and effectively manage any
guest relation problems or complaints.

Property Maintenance:

At Presidence we have our own staff responsible to take care of your property, that includes
professional cleaners, plumbers, electrician and construction officers. We are responsible for your
off season maintenance, while we also take care of daily housekeeping, pool maintenance and
Part of owning an investment property involves ongoing property maintenance and repairs to
ensure that your property is excellent and your tenants are happy. At Presidence, we will not only
maintain efficient communication with your tenant to make sure our experts are on top of these
issues but also liaise with a network of trusted technicians to ensure you’re getting the most
competitive price if needed.