About us:

Founded by property managers and civil engineers, operating on the island of Mykonos for the past 10 years, Presidence is a platform which ensures that all possibilities for enjoying vacation properties are unlocked. At Presidence, our experts ensure that our home owners vacation houses are fully utilised and carefully taken care of, so that owners can enjoy their time without any concern. Our clients, on the other hand are guaranteed to plan their vacation knowing that they will find exactly what they are imagining, without any unforeseen surprises and with excellent service along the way. Presidence, is a brand created in order to benefit and protect all parties, and fill the gap in a market which is full of surprises for both owners and vacation planners . Our experts ensure revenue maximisation for the owner and perfect property maintenance while they also protect the rental client by guaranteeing that their vacation will be of impeccable quality.

Our Mission:

Offer the greatest vacation home rental experience, for all parties included, in every location possible

How it all started:

Presidence was initially born around 2011. Our founder, who is responsible for several luxury vacation home constructions on the island of Mykonos finally had the chance to build his own vacation home and a year later decided to start renting it. He soon realised that together with other projects that he had it was hard to maintain revenue maximisation and offer excellent service to his clients on his own, due to his workload. He started looking for a property manager and struggled for years to find one that could balance bookings, services to the clients and guarantee house maintenance during the season. At this point, he decided to change the way property management was applied. With forward thinking, he created a team that was able to maintain the property on an excellent state during and after the season, while also maximising bookings through several platforms across the world. He thought of both the owner and the vacation rental client and attempted to seek innovative ways in order to guarantee that both of them will be extremely satisfied. Once this recipe was found, Presidence was born.