Presidence Services

Our expertise together with our prestigious real estate, sales, concierge and consulting team will
offer you a variety of different services based on your demands.

  1. Property Management – At Presidence we offer a complete range of services facilitating the
    exploitation of luxury properties to the highest of standards while relieving owners from the
    demanding responsibilities accompanying property management and rental.
  2. Villa Rentals – Based on your needs, our experts will guide and provide you with all the
    necessary information and with various villa options, carefully picked for your taste, in order to
    enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
  3. Concierge – Our concierge team is responsible for offering you the life’s fundamental
    demands, wishes, and needs. By making anything possible, we offer unparalleled access and
    a bespoke luxury lifestyle for now and into the future for all our clients. We work on an
    ‘Anything, Anytime, Anywhere” philosophy and we plan a complete itinerary for our clients
    stay, based on their demands.
  4. Construction and Renovation – Presidence is a company made by individuals who have more
    than 40 years experience in construction in vacation homes. We are part of an established,
    professional and dominant group of companies with extensive experience in luxury
    construction and renovation development, consultation and construction management.
  5. Property Real Estate – Our experts, who continuously scan the markets we operate in, aiming
    to find hidden gems, as well as our experience together with our connections, allow us to gain
    access to several properties, resulting to our sellers reaching a highly qualified global clientele
    — and our buyers receiving access to remarkable properties and agents everywhere.