For Owners

Are you a property owner interested in renting or selling your property?

Our team of experts at Presidence are available to guide you through the various options of
exploiting your property, in order to maximise your returns.
Presidence provides a full range of services to property owners through property sale, rental and
management facilitating the exploitation of luxury properties to the highest standards and offering
a secure and certain stream of income while releasing owners from the demanding responsibilities
accompanying property rental or sale.

Our services expand on a wide range to provide guidance and assistance to our clients and
include property rental, property consulting, sales and reservations, promoting and advertising,
front desk and concierge and property sale.

Why Presidence?

At Presidence our property owners are offered highly experienced consultation and support
specialized in each particular market and target group regarding property price rates, rental
policies and sale policies. The company undertakes sole responsibility of actively and effectively
marketing and advertising each property and strategically identifying and intensifying the
property’s most charismatic and inviting characteristics. A dynamic and tailor-made marketing
plan is designed and implemented with various approaches and methods of nationally and
internationally promoting each property constantly searching for innovative ideas and
opportunities to maximize targeted exposure.