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Villas & Rentals

How do I make a reservation?

There are 2 ways to complete your reservation with Presidence.

  1. Through our platform you can make an enquiry on the villa of your choice. One of our experts
    will contact you immediately via email and will discuss with you about the availability of your
    request. Our experts will guide you so that your villa is a perfect match for your holidays
    based on your requirement and on several different criteria such as pricing, location and the
    additional services you want to include.
  2. You can also reach Presidence through our WhatsApp number, which is displayed on our

Does Presidence manage exclusively the villas displayed on this website?

No. Some of our villas we manage exclusively in the market. The rest are managed either by other
villa management companies or their owners. However, all properties included in our platform are
villas that we are familiar with and we are in constant communication with their owner or manager,
so that are clients are protected and well taken care of

Are there any complimentary services offered along with the booking?

Yes, of course. Once our clients finalise their booking, we immediately arrange their pick up and
drop off from the airport or port. Once our drivers pick you up and help you with your luggages,
our specialists on the island of Mykonos are waiting for you at your villa, where they do a tour for
you and assist you with any possible inquiries. Presidence also offers 24/7 guest support. Finally,
our concierge managers are here for you to plan your full itinerary while on your vacation, which
includes all of your reservations on the best beach clubs and restaurants on the island.

How often should we expect the villa to be cleaned up?

The standard agreement we have with the owners on the island of Mykonos is for daily
housekeeping and change of the linen and the towels at least twice per week. If our guests desire
more than that, special arrangements can be negotiated with the owners (usually at a small extra
charge). Some of the villas we represent have in-house staff. In those cases, guests can make
direct arrangements with the live-in staff.

I have explored Presidence website and I haven’t managed to find the suitable villa for my group. Is this all Presidence can offer?

No! Our villa portfolio goes well beyond what you can see displayed on our website. There is also
our offline portfolio, villas whose owners do not wish them displayed on any website. Feel free to
send us an inquiry at our email or WhatsApp and our villa specialist will send you these villas with
an email or a text.

Mykonos Island

What is the ideal period to visit Mykonos?

Mykonos is strictly a summer destination. The season starts in April and ends at the end of
October. The ideal period to visit the island depends entirely on you. You should expect a really
busy and crowded island between June 15 and August 31, and a more relaxing experience during
the rest of the season. The weather is ideal during all that time, with temperature oscillating
between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius (68 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit).

Which are the most wind-protected areas of the island?

The reality is that villas on the south side are in a better position when it comes to wind, however
to our point of view, on a very windy day, there is no point where someone can be fully protected
from strong winds.

Which is the best location to rent a villa on?

The best location depends only on your needs and wants. Every client has different demands, so
depending on your requirements our villa specialists will provide you with all the necessary
information and a lot of options so that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Is it true that on Mykonos there can be shortage of water or electricity?

Mykonos is an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Expecting to have all the comforts of a big
city located in the mainland is quite unreasonable. It can happen that the central system of the
island stops for some time, especially during the peak season of July & August when the number
of tourists increases significantly. Some of the villas have power generators and private water
tanks but this is not always the case. In any case, the cut offs can last more from thirty minutes to
a couple of hours. The guests are kindly invited not to panic as this unpleasant situation will not
last for long.


What is the payment procedure when someone wants to book one of your villas?

Unless a special arrangement is made between the villa owner and the guests, the standard
procedure is a 30-50% non-refundable prepayment at the time of the booking in order to secure
the villa and the payoff of the balance due one or two months prior to arrival. Preferred means of
payment is the bank transfer.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is standard procedure in the villa rentals industry. This is an amount to be
paid, usually together with the second instalment, that is held by the owner during the stay. The
purpose of the security deposit is for the guests to make a good use of the property. The security
deposit is fully refundable at the end of the stay provided that there are not any serious damages
or dirt in the villa when the guests check out. The amount of the security deposit is set by the
owners. It can be from a minimum of EUR 1’000 or a night’s stay to a maximum of EUR 15’000 or
25% of the total rent.

Do we sign any kind of contract when we book the villa?

Yes, we sign the standard short term lease agreement that we sign with all our guests. This
includes all the necessary details of the stay, such as the total cost, the exact dates, the amount
of the security deposit, the payment details as well as the house rules.

Can I pay the villa rental with my credit card?

In some cases, yes! Some of the villas belong to companies who can process credit cards. In
most of these cases, American Express is not accepted.On the other hand, there are several villas
in Presidences portfolio that belong to private individuals. These people are not obliged to have
POS machines. In those cases, the only means of payment is by wire transfer.

Do I need to carry a lot of cash with me?

No. Mykonos is full of ATM machines where you can withdraw cash. Moreover, almost all shops
and restaurants accept credit cards. We advise you to bring enough cash for minor expenses, like
your transfers, and take advantage of the ATMs and the POS machines for all the rest. Please
make sure with your local bank that the daily limit of cash withdrawal is enough for your
programmed expenses.

Collaborate with us

I am a villa owner and I want to display my luxury villa on Presidence website. Is there a fee for this?

No! Displaying your villa on our website is free of charge. If you are interested in a collaboration
with Presidence you are kindly invited to contact us via email or WhatsApp

I am a luxury travel agent and I want to offer the Presidence villas and services to my
clients. Does Presidence work B2B?

Absolutely yes! We collaborate with a series of luxury travel agents around the world and we act
as their alter-ego at the destination that their client decided to visit. If you want to establish a
partnership with us, you are kindly requested to send us your inquiry at our email or WhatsApp.

I am a villa owner and I want Presidence to manage my property. What is included in your property management services?

Our property management services are offered on a 12 month basis. We are responsible for
maintenance, cleaning, bookings maximisation, revenue maximisation, client services as well as
crisis management in case of any power cut or damage to the property occurs. Our aim is to take
away any stress on the owners and carefully take care of their properties so that they can get the
most out of them, without stressing. During off season, we are responsible for maintaining the
villas and helping with operations that include cleaning, painting and inspections so that the
property is ready for the season.